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Private Instruction: Invest Now To Save Later

Private Instruction: Invest Now To Save Later

At some point in every young athletes journey there comes a time to make a decision on outsourcing coaching expertise to an athletic trainer who can simply “teach” a skill or art a bit better. You wouldn’t hire a painter to build a house….so why would you leave it up to “The Daddy Ball Coach” who works a 9 to 5 job to teach your athlete the right way to hit a baseball or softball. Sure, those coaches are under appreciated and do everything they can to teach the game, but even they will admit that they can only teach so much of the game to a young player. Leave it up to a baseball or softball professional who knows how to teach hitting, pitching, fielding and all the rest of the aspects of the game and let your son/daughter excel like a pro on the ball-field. In the long run I assure you the return on investment is well worth it in future educational potential, higher number of relationships built in sports and friends made, and in potential future career opportunities.

Here are some breakdowns for you……
* Average cost of a hour private instruction session in Johns Creek, Georgia is $80.00-$90.00
* Cost per minute per session is averages around $1.45

Lets say that your future collegiate ballplayer starts getting lessons at age 9 and on average:
* Has one session per week for 30 weeks a year @ $50.00 per session = $1500.00
* Has two sessions per week for 30 weeks a year @ $50.00 per session = $3000.00
* Most travel teams/organizations cost about $2500.00-$3500.00 per year depending on certain variables such as age group, paid coaching, field use, etc.

So from age 9 to age 17 your investment insures one on one private instruction through rec ball and travel ball and prepares your athlete for the high competition of the high school tryout which is detrimental to your athlete having a chance to play college or professional baseball. At a low ball figure investment of $7000.00 in private lessons over the course of those 7 years your athlete will gain confidence, improve each season and essentially could become one of the most fine tuned athletes on the ball field at not even what it would cost to buy your athlete his/her first car.

Now consider the price of a college education at a Community College, JUCO, NAIA or NCAA school. With the constant increasing rate, the minimum cost per semester will start at around $4,000.00 or more just for classes at a local Community College and between $7,500.00 – $13,000.00 at a larger named college. Those are the numbers for just for the first semester and thats hoping they can get into the school with an average GPA/SAT.

By taking private lessons with a baseball instructor you will give your athlete the best chance to be all he/she could possibly be in baseball or softball. Your athlete will have a greater chance to make the high school team, put up higher statistics, reduce errors, throw harder and become more likely to be recruited for a college scholarship. All of this essentially leads to your athlete having fun playing baseball/softball while earning a college degree. Over the course of a four year degree a college scholarship could be worth over $120,000.00 in tuition expenses, cost of living, food and shelter. So having invested $8,000.00 – $12,000.00 into a private instructor over the course of 7-8 years is not a whole lot of money in comparison to the doors it potentially opens as your athlete progresses through his/her education.

Now, think about when he/she finishes their high school and college athletic career and now has a chance to make money doing what they love in sports or in whatever area of our world that makes them happy. Giving your athlete the opportunity to succeed later in life could begin with you providing them with a private instructor at an early age. Remember, you may not think its possible for your athlete to be the next Dansby Swanson or Jenny Finch, but you will never know unless you provide them with the opportunity to get good, quaility instruction, with a staff you can trust with your investment.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is an average list of signing bonuses if your athlete was ever to get drafted in the Top 10 Rounds. These are the 2017 MLB Draft Slot Values by Baseball America.

Picks 1-40 = $2.3 million to $7.05 million
100th Pick Value = $537,100
200th Pick Value = $213,400
300th Pick Value = $133,700