The young men, women and coaches in our program will practice and compete with the most effort and determination they can muster, but they will never compromise the integrity of the program to win a game. On a given day, we might be out-played, but we will never be out-hustled or out-classed.

A Georgia Bombers baseball player will accept responsibility for his or her actions. All players will strive to be positive role models for their fellow teammates in the organization. The young men and women in our program will have the courage to do the “right thing” even in the most adverse situation.

All players will understand that “attitude is a decision.” Although we can’t control every situation we are faced with, we can always control how we respond to the situation. A Georgia Bombers baseball player will face even the toughest situations with a “can do” attitude.

The young men/women in our program will understand how to properly manage their time to be effective students. Our players will take their on-field discipline and work ethic and apply it in the classroom.

Georgia Bombers baseball players will serve and represent his/her team, school, and community in a positive way. We will “give back” to those who support us on this journey through service projects within the community.

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