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Bombers Pitch Smart Guidelines

Georgia Bombers Pitch Count Limits & Rest For Each Age Level

AgeMaxPitch Count Per Game/DayMandatory Rest (Days off between games pitched) When Pitch Count Reached
Zero1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days
9-10 Year Old651-2021-3536-5051-6566+
11-12 Year Old751-2021-3536-5051-6566+
13-14 Year Old851-2021-3536-5051-6566+
15-16 Year Old951-3031-4546-6061-7576+
17-18 Year Old951-3031-4546-6061-7576+

When reaching the max pitch count, keep a close eye for signs of fatigue. Every pitcher is different and you need to learn their signs.

  • Loss of focus
  • Drop in velocity
  • Elevated pitches
  • Loss of command
  • Loss of delivery control
  • Visually you see less effort

Max pitches in one inning…..

“30” for pitchers 12 years and younger
“40” for pitchers 13 years and older

If they reach this number while in the middle of a batter, let them finish that batter and if they don’t get them out for the third out, their day pitching is over. Make sure you are prepared for a situation like this and know who your next pitcher is and have them getting loose, if possible, around pitch number 15 or 20.

Never use the same pitcher twice in the same day and if a pitcher throws more than 20 pitches in a day, give them at least one day off..

A pitcher should never be extended to the higher pitch count numbers if they aren’t conditioned for it. They MUST be built up to that number over the course of weeks/games with proper rest in between.

ALL players should have an arm care/warm-up routine they do before and after each practice and game. If you need help with this, ask us or get with your age group coordinator.

You need to have feel for the situation and the pitcher. There is a big difference between efficient pitches and stressful pitches. Efficiency may lead to being able to extend their number of pitches where stressful pitches should result in limiting their number. HAVE FEEL.

“Remember, these are just guidelines. A players physical and mental maturity should all come into play when making your in game decisions. Ultimately, a players development, future and safety is far more important than a team winning a game. Make sure we have our priorities in order.